Online Data Access

The Forensic DNA Profiling Facility is now offering online data access.

To be able to access your raw data files, you will need to have an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client installed. Most web browsers have now incorporated FTP support, and are thus usable. The following web browsers have been verified as working: Internet Explorer 6.x on Windows ME, 2000 & XP Internet Explorer 5 on MAC OS 10.2 Mozilla FireFox 1.0 on Win2000 & XP __________________________________________________________________________________

Once you have installed/configured your FTP client (browser or standalone program),
you will need the following account information:

IP Address of Server: Remote Port: 21, which is normally the default port in most programs.

Your login Name and Password will be provided by an FDPF employee. They are case sensitive.

If you are using an FTP program (WS_FTP, FileZilla, Fetch), then the above information is all you need.

If you intend on using a browser, you will need to enter a URL to login to the server:

NOTE: You can actually put both your login and password in the URL (i.e., LoginName:Password@fdpf..), but this is NOT recommended, as the browsers cache/history will contain your full login information.

Once you have logged in, simply locate the appropriate folder by date and download to your computer.

Internet Explorer supports copying entire folders at one time, whereas Mozilla FireFox does not. ___________________________________________________________________________________

Walkthrough for setting up access using the FTP program FileZilla (

1. Download and install program. Launch program from start menu.

2. Click File/Site Manager. Click New Site button and name it.

3. For host, input (Port should be 21)

4. Change login type to Normal. Enter your assigned login name & password.

5. Click Save and Exit.

6. Now simply go back into Site Manager and press connect. You should see your runs on the right side. ____________________________________________________________________________________


Q: I am unable to login to the server.

A: Ensure your account settings match whats above. You can also login with the test account:

Name: Test Pass: Test Attempt to download test.txt.

If it works, then the problem exists with your account information.

Contact the FDPF.


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