National Institute of Justice Sponsored Workshops, 2010:

Population Genetics

Advanced DNA Typing

Non-Human DNA Typing


Learning Objective

The objective of these workshops is to provide high quality hands-on training in the area of population genetics, advanced topics in DNA typing and non-human DNA typing to forensic science practitioners that work in the state and local public forensic laboratories. The training is provided at no charge to the participants.

Academic credits from the workshop can be applied toward an on-line Master’s degree or certificate program in forensic science, forensic serology and DNA typing.

The following workshops are provided:

1)       Population Genetics (Intermediate and Advanced level) and

2)       Advanced DNA Typing (Beginners and Intermediate)

3)    Non-human DNA Typing (Beginners and Intermediate)

Attendees can apply for one, two, or all of the workshops, depending on their specific interests and skill levels.


Population Genetics


Marty Tracey

Florida International University

George Duncan

Broward County Sheriff’s Office

Lectures will cover STRs as evidence, asking the appropriate question, presenting results, various NRC II formulae for answering the random person question, confidence intervals

Computer laboratory sessions will cover Linkage Equilibrium, disequilibrium measurements, haplotypes, mtDNA, Y haplotypes, haplotype mixtures; fallacies, interesting cases

Population Genetics Workshop PDFs

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Advanced DNA Typing


Bruce McCord

Florida International University

John Butler

National Institute of Standards & Technology

Lectures will cover the current techniques and advanced concepts of human DNA typing including Y-STR, mini-STRs, mtDNA, Y-SNPs

Laboratory sessions will involve DNA extraction, qPCR and genotyping of human DNA using mini-STR technology, Mixture electropherogram interpretation, Troubleshooting and capillary electrophoresis diagnostics

Advanced DNA Typing Workshop PDFs


Non-Human DNA Typing


DeEtta Mills

Florida International University

Jeffrey Wells

University of Alabama

Lectures will cover non-human DNA as evidence, microbial forensics, biological warfare, development and implementation of PCR-based kits for non-human typing, extraction methods, microbial screening techniques, and the potential of non-human DNA typing as it applies to forensics.

Laboratory sessions will include the extraction of microbial DNA from soils, PCR, interpretation of profiles, and database searching.

Non-Human DNA Typing Workshop PDFs

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